Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Christian Conferences

Two Christian conferences that took place this summer now have all their talks available online -

The Metropolitan Tabernacle School of Theology was held in early July and had as it's theme "Calvary and Covenant".

From the website -

"High points of church history show that when sound doctrine joins with dedicated living, blessing and instrumentality follow. This year’s School of Theology presented the deeper glorious elements of the work of Christ on Calvary and the covenant of grace that move God’s people to a greater sense of indebtedness and gratitude, leading to consecration and service."

Audio and video recordings of all the talks are available online or to download from -

Tabernacle Cardiff had their Summer Conference from 25 - 29 July. A report on the week is here and includes -

"We thank God for this week. The preaching was from the heart and touched upon the themes of a divine visitation, the unity of the church and the gospel."

All talks from the Conference are available on the Tabernacle Cardiff YouTube channel -

Audio versions to listen to or download can be found at -

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