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Hope for Karina Hansen With Help From Save4Children

Editor's Comment: Karina Hansen, a severe ME patient, was forcibly removed from her home in 2013 and placed in a psychiatric ward - much like the case of Justina Pelletier. Her condition has been steadily deteriorating.

Reprinted with the kind permission of ME Global Chronicle.

Save4Children is a charity created by the editors of the ME Global Chronicle to help the parents of children who have been forced into psychiatric wards by authorities.

The charity works within the legal system to try to get the children released and gives financial aid to parents who are unable to pay for legal assistance. They helped in Joanne’s [a German girl with severe ME ] case and Joanne has been allowed to go home. Now they would like to help Karina Hansen

Karina is a severely-ill ME patient who has been held in a hospital against her will for 2 ½ years. Her parents are still not allowed to see her. Her condition is worse now than when she was forcibly removed in 2013.

She can no longer speak in full sentences. She sits in a wheelchair and mumbles to herself. She is allowed to wear her earplugs as she becomes very distressed when the nurses try to take them from her.

When she was first taken, she actively resisted treatment and was therefore given the diagnosis of Pervasive Refusal Syndrome. This is the same diagnosis as Joanne was given. Now Karina no longer resists treatment and the psychiatrists claim that this is improvement.

Karina has never resisted eating, which is a core symptom of PRS, so of course this diagnosis is completely ridiculous. Also, Karina is a young adult and PRS is exclusively a pediatric diagnosis.

Although it does not look good for Karina at the moment, the fact that “Joanne” has been released gives us hope. If you would like to help, please donate to Save4Children at: and click on “Doneer nu”

The money that is donated will be given to a volunteer non-profit civil rights group called The Citizen’s Rights Movement (Borgeretsbev√¶gelse) that has taken up Karina’s case. CRM fights for cases that are examples of principle human rights violations and they are finding many violations in Karina’s case.

Donations you transfer specifically for Karina’s case will be solely spent on her case.

The CRM documented that many laws have been broken and are preparing cases in several branches of the Danish court system. Lawyer, Jakob Skjoldan, is a founding member of CRM and has already written two  letters to the Minister of Health asking that the violations be looked into. The ME Association of Denmark and Karina’s parents are co-signers of these letters.

The CRM is also investigating whether Karina’s state-appointed guardian, Kaj Stendorf, has a conflict of interest and should be declared ineligible to be her guardian. Kaj Stendorf was the chief of police in the city where Karina lived (Holstebro) when she was forcibly removed on Feb 12, 2013.

He retired shortly afterwards and on May 29, 2013, he was appointed as her guardian. He therefore has a personal interest in the case as it would be very bad for him if the actions of the Holstebro police are found to be illegal. And the CRM believes that many laws were broken that day.

The CRM is also investigating whether Karina’s state-appointed lawyer, Anne Grete Kampmann worked for Holstebro county before she was appointed as Karina’s lawyer. This would also constitute a conflict of interest.

A court date has been set for Aug. 31, 2015 to decide if Stendorf should be appointed as Karina’s permanent guardian. Lawyer Keld Parsberg is representing the family for this court date, but the CRM hopes to get this delayed until the question of eligibility can be investigated.

The court in Holstebro has refused to discuss any other questions about the case at the upcoming August hearing. They will not discuss if it was legal to remove her or to hold and treat her against her will. However, these issues are being investigated by the CRM.

This case is important to all ME patients. If the Danish state is allowed to forcibly remove an ME patient, take away her ME diagnosis, replace it with a psychiatric one and then experiment on her with unproven research methods, it leaves the door wide open for it to happen to other ME patients worldwide.

Until now, the CRM has been run on volunteer help, but the volunteers tell me that there is a great need to hire a lawyer that will examine all the paperwork they have collected and help them focus future work. All donations will go directly to Karina’s case. So please donate to Save4children to help us get Karina released and to make sure that this horrible injustice will not happen to other patients.

Donations will be collected at the S4C site here.

Danes can donate directly to Karina’s case here.

Please write Karina on the donation

Information about Karina and the case can be found in this and future issues of the ME Global Chronicle and at these sites:

- In English: Justicefor Karina Hansen - find info under notes.

TheCitizen’s Rights Movement – documents in Danish

New documents will be added as they become available.

Submitted by Rebecca Hansen

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