Friday, 1 May 2015

The 25% ME Group - 20 Years of Supporting People with Severe ME

Press Release

In 1995 a number of people were suffering from a condition known as ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). These people were extremely sick and disabled with the illness.

They felt alone, isolated and unaware that they were not actually alone in their suffering.

Sufferers wondered what the cause of their illness was?  Why were they  suffering from this? Were they imagining they were the only ones who were so ill? The medical profession seemingly could not understand this illness or do anything to alleviate the suffering caused by it.

Those who were severely affected at the time felt there was nowhere to turn for help, information or advice. (Even the established ME charities did not seem to recognise the severely affected).

Some of these people then decided to form a group specifically to try to support the severely affected, namely the 25% ME Group.

The 25% ME Group started very small. We provided a newsletter and a contact list of people who were severely affected. The group has grown over the years from a handful of people to many hundreds of members. The group provides information and various services to help and support those who are very sick with the illness. In addition, the group also provides information for carers and professionals.

From small beginnings, the group has grown into an organisation that brings light and a sense of being believed to these very ill people and also, very importantly, we remind them they are not alone.

Further information about the group:     The 25% M.E. Group is a unique nationwide community based voluntary group. We have two paid members of staff and a number of volunteers - most of whom have severe M.E. We provide a range of services to people affected by severe M.E.

Because of the intensity of the symptoms and disabilities experienced by severe M.E. sufferers we seek to alleviate the isolation which having this illness can cause.  The 25% M.E. Group encourages: communication between members; participation in the Group at a number of levels; assistance with articles and information for the newsletter etc. These are just some of the initiatives employed by the group.

What is M.E:     Myalgic encephalomyelitis is characterised by a combination of muscle pain (myalgia), and neurological and cognitive symptoms such as memory loss and concentration difficulties (hence ‘encephalomyelitis’).

Clinical symptoms have been found to be consistent in over sixty recorded epidemics of M.E. spread all over the world. Patients had disabilities due to persistent symptoms of pain, fatigue and loss of endurance to normal physical activities, with abnormal muscle fatiguability and conspicuous deterioration of symptoms after exercise (post exertional malaise).

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