Monday, 2 February 2015


By Hilary Golding

Dear friend do rest content with what you’ve got
Instead of finding endless fault
With everything you have.
“Tis trite to quote the common proverb
“Grass is always greener on the other side”;
But it is often true and we must find
Contentment and the peace of mind
On our own God-given land.

The Holy Book doth put contentment high
Upon the list of gainful traits.
It is divine when all God’s gifts we take
With grateful thanks and e’en what we call bad
To make it serve towards our good
For that was always His intent.

Our life is short and we are meant
To bring forth fruits of love, but discontent
Breeds ugliness and no-one pretends
To like to hear a catalogue of faults.
The week of discontent, it is a cancer
And will strangle any wholesome flower
Of love and joy, true peace and thankfulness.

Grudge not the Lord His due
But thank Him from the heart for everything;
For needed strength let’s pray to Him,
And carry on the life that He has given you.
Let’s look around at all we have,
And praise the One Who left the glory,
Came to earth to tell the story
Of God’s love to all mankind.
Who gave His life that we should find
Salvation, and our lives be filled with praise,
Until the time when He thinks fit to end our days.

Used with kind permission of the author.

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