Friday, 3 January 2014

Bristol ME Event - “Exercise and ME/CFS – the evidence”

I received the following from Natalie Boulton of “Voicesfrom the Shadows”; the flyer mentioned in the text can be found here and a programme for the event here.

From Natalie -  

I would like to let people know about an evening event in Bristol “Exercise and ME/CFS - the evidence" on Feb 5th which I am organising with the Bristol North Fibro & ME/CFS Support Group. Since some charities only wish to publicise their own events it is proving rather difficult to let relevant people know about this event. However, since people from far, far away have made bookings, I realise that many people do very much appreciate the opportunity this event provides, if they know about it.

There is more information and a programme on the film website here -   

Tickets - £10 - are available on the shop page -

A flyer is attached below

The evening will include a short 30 min version of the film - the young ME patients' stories -   backed up by a presentation by Prof Mark VanNess about the research from the Workwell Foundation with Staci Stevens and Chris Snell, previously at the Pacific Fatigue Lab California. This work is very significant in that it objectively demonstrates the reality of the cardinal symptom of ME - post exertional malaise, or the post exertional exacerbation of symptoms which can prove so damaging to patients.  Their work counters assertions made by proponents of graded exercise and the PACE Trial that the fatigue and disability of CFS and ME is merely caused by deconditioning and that GET and CBT are the most effective treatment options for patients.

Dr Nigel Speight who speaks in the film will also explain some of the problems encountered by families and medical professionals when trying to help young patients.

I hope the event may be of interest to you and would be very glad of your help with letting other ME sufferers know about it. It is not only of relevance to patients, but will also be of use to relatives, carers and medical professionals. If you have any questions about it do please ask me.


With best wishes,
Natalie Boulton

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