Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Book Review

The following review of Mum’s book “God’s Special Tent” is in the current Bible League Quarterly Magazine (No 454, July – September 2013).

GOD’S SPECIAL TENT: The Story of the Tabernacle and What Came After.  Jean Stapleton.  Christian Focus Publications, 52 pages, paperback, £5.99.

This A4 size book, as the subtitle suggests, seeks to open up for young people the mysteries of the tabernacle.  The book begins with the Old Testament people of God at the foot of Mount Sinai, reviewing their history from the Exodus to that point, before moving on to the LORD’s giving of the 10 Commandments and His directions for worship.  This smoothly leads into the main subject of the tabernacle.

Mrs. Stapleton then covers aspects such as dimensions, furnishings, sacrifices, as well as priests and Levites, and the High Priest’s office.  The latter part of the book goes on to speak of the building of Solomon’s temple, it’s destruction at the Exile and the subsequent rebuilding and extension, ending with the final destruction in AD 70.  Very helpfully, this all leads to the author speaking about the true temple – made up of living stones – the church.

This book would be most useful in the context of church work – for children’s work or children’s talks in services; it could also be profitably used by Christian parents, as well, of course, by children themselves, who would have edifying fun constructing the card model of the tabernacle included in this book as they learn biblical truths from “God’s Special Tent”.

Paul Ackerley.

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