Thursday, 9 May 2013

Around The Cross

Another poem from “Echoes of Eternity” by Michael R Abbott; used with permission.
Around The Cross
Around the cross, where Jesus died,
The faithful few stood mortified:
They could not see God's purpose here,
And not one hope their souls could cheer.
They laid His body in the tomb,
Their hearts were filled with doubt and gloom;
No explanation could they find
To give them rest and peace of mind.
Then, with a stone, they sealed the cave
And left their Master in the grave.
They could not see the hand of God
In shedding of His precious blood.
Yet three days more the Saviour rose,
Triumphant over all His foes:
Their fears and doubts were turned to joy,
Which human cares should ne'er destroy.
His Sovereignty to them revealed,
His promises at Calvary sealed,
Why should they ever doubt again,
E'en in the midst of woes or pain.
And why should we His purpose doubt,
When trials seem to wear us out?
Is not our Father's love and care
Sufficient that we should forbear?
Shall God, Who called us by His grace,
Forsake us in the narrow place?
Not so! The child of God shall stand,
And none shall pluck him from God's hand.

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