Friday, 1 March 2013

Voices from the Shadows at Stormont

On Monday 18th February an ME meeting was held in The Long Gallery, Stormont, Parliament Buildings, in Northern Ireland. The meeting was organised by ME Support Northern Ireland in conjunction with the Chair of the Assembly’s Health Committee, and the purpose was to give a screening of the excellent film about severe ME called “Voices from the Shadows”. All 108 Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) were invited and, although only a few stayed right through, quite a few popped in and out during the meeting. However, the organisers seemed very encouraged by the meeting – simply having the opportunity to show Voices from the Shadows at Stormont was quite something – I certainly can’t imagine such a thing happening in the Houses of Parliament at Westminster! To see a newsletter produced by ME Support Northern Ireland about the event, please click here – Mum and Dad are in one of the photos. NB The file is 5 Mb.

The DVD of Voices from the Shadows has actually just been re-released. It has the option of being watched with or without subtitles, with the subtitles being available in nine different languages. I would still definitely recommend it for giving an idea of what severe ME is like – many of those featured having very severe ME – although I would say that it is not suitable for children or anyone newly diagnosed with ME.

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