Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mum’s New Book

I am pleased to say that Christian Focus has published a second book written by Mum. A4 size and 52 pages long, “God’s Special Tent – The Story of the Tabernacle and What Came After” is part of the Christian Focus for Kids Activity Series. It centres on the Tabernacle of Old Testament times and includes a cut-out model of the Tabernacle which children can make for themselves.

The description on the Christian Focus website is as follows -

Do you like tents? Perhaps you've gone camping, staying in one place and then moving to another. God's people the Israelites lived in tents in the wilderness as they moved from Egypt to the Promised Land. God gave them instructions about how to make a special tent - where He could be present among His people. Find out about how they made this tent and what special furniture and curtains were placed inside it. How did they build the tent and how did they carry it from one place to another? The priests made sacrifices to atone for the sin of the people, but the tabernacle or tent of meeting was a place that taught the people about the One Who was going to save them from their sin for good - Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah. His sacrifice would mean that no other sacrifices were needed and that people could worship God all around the world.

Just in case you missed Mum’s previous book, “Read with Me” was first published in 2006 and is still available -


DeliveringGrace said...

Just about to order a copy for a Christmas present-looks good.

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