Friday, 24 August 2012

Servants of the Lord

Whilst listening to an online service recently, mention was made of a series of talks about figures from church history, both preachers and missionaries. I made enquiries with the result that I purchased a set of 10 talks on 10 CDs. The talks were given by Mr Roger Jack between 2004 and 2008; they are excellent – and also very challenging - and I would highly recommend them.

The subjects are as follows –

1. Martin Luther Part 1

2. Martin Luther Part 2

3. Thomas Charles

4. John Calvin

5. Revival in Pest

6. William Grimshaw

7. Adoniram Judson Part 1

8. Adoniram Judson Part 2

9. The Countess of Huntington

10. Henry Martyn

You can listen to and download these talks from the W V Higham Trust website – click here.

They are also available as a set of CDs – contact Tabernacle Cardiff for further details -  

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