Monday, 9 July 2012

Little Things

Another poem from “Echoes of Eternity” by Michael R Abbott; used with permission

Little Things

Daisies for the Children
Deck the carpets green;
Even in the little things,
The hand of God is seen.
All our needs supplying,
By His tender care,
Riches more to us He gives
And love beyond compare.

Flowers clothed in yellow,
Red, pink, white and blue,
Painted by the Master's hand
In every glorious hue.
Solomon, in glory,
Was not so arrayed;
With God as our Provider,
We need not be afraid.

Just a little sparrow,
Falling from its nest,
Comes to the Lord's attention:
His watch doth never rest.
By His hand He feeds them
With a bounteous fare;
Why should we not trust in Him,
Who lavishes such care?

Early in the morning,
Dew lies on the ground;
The treasures of creation
In morning light abound.
He who formed the creatures,
Herbs, and flowers, and trees,
In His life upon this earth
Took children on His knees.

Seeing then His glory
And His love made known,
Let us come with thankful hearts
And fall before His throne;
Let us trust Him fully
For our daily bread,
Lying down in peace to sleep
At night upon our bed.

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