Wednesday, 25 January 2012

More concerns about the current UK Welfare Reform

This is a new article by Margaret Williams and I recommend it to you. I am not going to reproduce all of it here, but the following is a quote that is found towards the end of the article -
Commenting on a response to her article “Illness as Deviance, Work as Glittering Salvation and the ‘Psyching-up’ of the Medical Model: Strategies for Getting the Sick ‘Back to Work’ ” (, Gill Thorburn says: “I was appalled to discover what they have been doing to the ME community for so many years. Its nothing short of legitimised abuse. The one discouraging thing I’ve experienced in all my research so far has been discovering for how many years how much authentic evidence has been simply disregarded by those in power in favour of this spurious psychological approach. Some of the accounts on the net are simply heartbreaking, and it beggars belief that these people should have been allowed to continue with their ‘methods’ and ‘theories’. As someone pointed out recently, they ‘intervene’ in peoples’ lives with impunity, disregarding their negative effects, for which they are never held to account”.


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