Monday, 12 September 2011


Another poem from “Songs in the Night” by Michael R Abbott; used with permission.


When Christ shall come in majesty
And glory from on high,
And saints that sleep, with them that live,
Shall meet Him in the sky;
Then all the trials we have known
Shall seem to us as nought,
To know that we are saved from hell,
Our souls, by Christ, blood bought.

When on the fearful Judgment Day
We stand before God’s throne,
And plead to Him a righteousness,
The Saviour’s, not our own;
Then we shall know how great His love,
His mercy, and His grace,
That we may stand, our sins forgiven,
Before the Father’s face.

When in the New Jerusalem
We dwell with saints above,
Partakers of the blessed hope
And God’s eternal love;
Then every tear shall disappear
And every sorrow cease,
Safe in our heavenly home, at last,
We’ll know eternal peace.

Matthew 16 v 27-28.

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