Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Times Of Refreshing

Some weeks ago I posted the poem “The End Of The Way” -

A couple of weeks after that I posted a poem that had been written as a follow-up to “The End Of The Way” called “Though On A Tempestuous Ocean” -

Someone who read both the original poem and the follow-up then proceeded to write the following poem, which they have given me permission to post – although they have asked to remain anonymous!

Times Of Refreshing

He, my portion forever more,
Blessed are the meek and blessed the poor.
Blessed, those believing who have never seen,
All glory to Him Who to Calvary has been.
More agony suffered than mere words can convey,
That His might go home at the end of the way.

The hitting, the spitting, the cruel crown of thorns,
The hating and jeering, all mouths filled with scorns.
Ploughed field for a back, and nails foot and hand,
All glory to Him in Emmanuel’s Land.
Through darkness of Hell, on the cross He did stay,
That we may see light at the end of the way.

The trumpet soon calls, the angels soon gather,
God's glory soon seen and salvation forever.
Every word prophesied, all soon fulfilled,
No pain or sorrow or tears to be spilled.
Our wondrous Redeemer, He soon will say,
"Welcome home dear child, at the end of the way".

1 comment:

CATachresis said...

A wonderful poem, Hazel. Please thank the person who wrote it. In actual fact it continues on a theme that seem to be in my life at the moment.

While I was reading I was also listening to Russ Taff singing "I Believe" on a CD!! It all came together :)