Friday, 1 April 2011

Though On A Tempestuous Ocean

A few weeks ago I posted the poem “The End Of The Way”. The following poem was written as a reply to “The End Of The Way” and was published in 1888. It was kindly sent to me by the Gospel Standard Trust.

THOUGH on a tempestuous ocean
And much opposition you meet;
Though sickness, and trouble, and sorrow
Encounter your festering feet;
Cheer up, and be glad, weary pilgrim,
Though obstacles rise every day;
By grace you will pass safely over,
To sing at "the end of the way."

There really is nought to dishearten
While walking the sorrowful path;
Though Satan will often endeavour
To prove you a child of God's wrath.
He'll try all he can to distress you,
And fill your poor heart with dismay;
But grace will convey you safe over
To sing at "the end of the way."

The hills which you have to climb upward,
While longing for comfort and rest,
Were travelled by One who before you
Has entered the realms of the blest.
Take courage, then, wearisome pilgrim,
He'll keep thee from going astray;
His strength will convey thee safe over,
To sing at "the end of the way."

Look upward, press forward, and onward,
Nor fear whatsoever you meet,
Though briers and thorns may entangle,
And clog, and trip up your sore feet.
What though a tornado beset you,
With quicksands and rocks in the bay,
At length you will come off triumphant
To sing at "the end of the way."

No fainting, or weariness yonder,
Away in the realms of the blest;
Though here you oft sit down and wonder
If you e'er will enjoy the saints' rest.
Jehovah has said for your comfort,
Though Satan may cause you dismay,
You certainly shall be delivered
To sing at "the end of the way."

No "fountains" or "cordials" are needed
For those safely landed above;
There pleasures unbounded are waiting
And all will be clothed in God's love.
No more will you feel yourself weary
"In the city of unending day,"
But glory for ever be singing,
When you come to "the end of the way."

New York. JOHN AXFORD. (1888)

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