Thursday, 28 April 2011


Couldn’t a clock just happen to form; cog meeting cog, face, number and hand?
Surely the spring could wind itself, to tell us the time without sun, candle or sand.
And didn’t the world just roll along and decide to stop not too near the sun,
Then in the merest of billions of years, life thought it was time it should be begun?
Couldn’t a calculator just appear, then add things up and start computing?
And couldn’t the wonderful cosmic array of stars just start shining and shooting?
And maybe the beauty of music began to appear from sound’s discordant contortions,
Perhaps right and wrong once made themselves known from uncertain hopes and misfortunes.
Did all the fish just learn how to swim, and birds teach themselves how to fly?
Do folks with heads full of chance feelings just happen to love, laugh and sigh?
Did all this complexity of teeming life come about from some big explosion?
And will this explain all that’s wrong in life; bitterness, hate, sin and corrosion?
Did Jesus Christ come along for no purpose, be unjustly tried amid hate and strife?
This One crucified, for sinners did die; but He walked from His tomb, the Author of life.
Our God is the reason for life on this planet; no big bang or chance or uncertainty.
Safe in His hand let your times and soul be, for now, tomorrow and eternally.

(Another one by the poet who wishes to remain anonymous!)

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