Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A REMINDER - Lost Voices

The following is by Gurli Bagnall

Some months ago I was given a copy of:

Lost Voices: from a hidden illness

The book is beautifully presented and was collated and published by Invest in ME.

I was so impressed, I acquired two more copies and gave one to the local MS Society since they recognize ME as neurological disease.

I keep the second copy on a table for visitors to look through and also to lend to those who wish to read it.

The third, I guard jealousy for this is MY copy.

I raise the issue now because it is clear that even with the discoveries made during the course of the last couple of years, we cannot afford to relax.

We still need to remind the public that this is a serious disease which causes utter devastation in the lives of its victims and their families.

Copies of this high quality production can still be obtained from:

Invest in ME in the UK


http://bit.ly/gyu3CO (order form)

Telephone: 02380 251719 or 07759 349743

And in Australia from:

The Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation:


http://bit.ly/efddFe (Book Order)

Contact Christine Hunter on: chunter@ahmf.org

Telephone and fax: +61 2 9958 6285

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