Friday, 3 December 2010

God Incarnate

At the start of December this poem by Michael R Abbot, taken from his book "Echoes of Eternity", seemed appropriate; used with permission.

God Incarnate

Upon this earth He walked:
He lived, He breathed, He talked;
He healed the sick and raised the dead,
Five thousand fed with fish and bread;
At His command the tempest fled
And water turned to wine.
The devils trembled at His name
And all the world heard of His fame.

He is the incarnate Word:
Through Him,
God manifest in flesh,
The voice divine is heard;
By Him the souls of men are stirred;
In Him the love of God revealed;
Through Him redemption’s promise sealed.

Only begotten Son of God,
The image of His face.
Messiah, Saviour, Christ,
The source and fount of grace.

Upon the Cross He died,
A sacrifice for sin,
Atoning by His blood,
A pardon there to win
For all who call
Upon His name,
For all who fall
Before the throne
His death to own,
The gift, by faith, to claim.

Upon the Father’s throne He sits,
Eternal Lord and King:
The angels fly at His command,
The saints His praises sing.
His work complete,
Beneath His feet
His enemies shall fall,
Upon the Judgment Day
At that last trumpet call.

To Him be honour, glory, power,
With majesty and might.
To Him let worship ever flow,
The God and King of light.

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