Thursday, 23 September 2010

Untested swine flu vaccine offloaded on elderly and sick

22 September 2010

The untested swine flu vaccine is being included in the annual flu jab being given to the elderly this winter. Although health officials claim that swine flu could still become a major epidemic, it is being done to reduce enormous stock levels of the vaccine that governments were conned into ordering by the pharmaceutical industry. The policy, however, is exposing large numbers of vulnerable people – including the elderly, those with heart disease and chest problems, and diabetics - to the possible effects of the swine flu vaccine. The vaccine has never been properly tested, and contains thiosermal, a mercury-based preservative. Key workers who were vaccinated last year against the supposed swine flu pandemic reported having headaches, sleeplessness and stomach cramps. Despite credit-crunch times, governments around the world ordered billions of vaccines, after the World Health Organization – influenced by drug company advisers – declared that swine flu (the H1N1 virus) would become a pandemic, killing millions of people. This, in turn, triggered clauses in contracts that forced governments into ordering the vaccine. The UK government admits it wasted £200m on useless stocks of the vaccine, and has been one of the first to include it in the latest round of seasonal flu jabs. Other governments are expected to follow, and will use the WHO as the reason. The WHO has urged health agencies to remain vigilant, even though it accepts that swine flu will not be an epidemic, let alone a pandemic. (Sources: Sunday Times, September 19, 2010).

The Swine Flu vaccine being included in the Winter Flu jab is also mentioned in The Telegraph -

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