Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Myth of Evolution

This poem is taken from "Echoes of Eternity", a collection of Christian poems by Michael R Abbott; used with permission.

The Myth of Evolution

Some men would have us to believe
This world by fluke occurred:
From chaos order just appeared
And life by chance was stirred.

Primeval mud gave birth to life,
With no external power;
And simple cells combined to form
Both animal and flower.

From lesser creatures complex came:

Thus lizard changed to bird,
Whilst men from monkeys did evolve,
No matter how absurd.

No evidence can they produce
To prove this human view:
The missing links are really chains,
Anomalies not few.

So eager they to prove their case,
By frauds they're taken in:

Professing to be wise, like fools,
Their minds are closed within.

In schools and colleges today
They teach that this is fact,
Without a case that can support
This atheistic pact.

Their darkened hearts cannot accept
An answer more profound:
God's handiwork is clearly seen
In nature all around.

He made the stars and formed the earth,
He parted day from night;
He clothed the ground with trees and herbs,
So pleasant to our sight.

He formed the creatures, every one,
In sea and on the land.
He spoke the word and it was done,
Exactly as He planned.

Let all creation shout aloud
To magnify His name:
Though men deny the power of God,
Their arguments are lame.


CATachresis said...

These are very good! How can one get a copy of the collection?

Hazel said...

Thank-you for your message. The book is available direct from the author. I wouldn't want to put his email address on the blog, but if you would like to email me (email address on website), I will pass on his email address to you.