Saturday, 6 March 2010

"My Grace is Sufficient"

Another poem from "Echoes of Eternity", a collection of Christian poems by Michael R Abbott; used with permission.

"My Grace is Sufficient"

Upon this weary, earthly road,
The soul may bow beneath its load:
The child of God may oft despair
Of sin and sickness, toil and care.

Look in the scriptures: comfort find
From saints who knew such peace of mind
That, even in the darkest hour,
They knew the Lord's redeeming power.

God's servant Job such suffering knew,
He wished his days and hours were through.
Yet he could say, through faith God gives,
"I know that my Redeemer lives."

Did Joseph, when misused by all,
Refuse upon his God to call?
In prison cell, or palace grand,
He knew the blessings of God's hand.

Elijah, in a mountain cave,
Hid for his life when things seemed grave.
Then, in a voice so small and still,
The Lord revealed His sovereign will.

When Jonah sought to flee from God
And knew the chastening of His rod,
He prayed to God within the whale
And found that mercy could not fail.

When Daniel from his home was brought
To Babylon, a pagan court,
He purposed in his heart to stay
Obedient to God each day.

The Apostle well knew Satan's dart,
A thorn which from him would not part:
But through it heard the Lord's decree:

"My Grace sufficient is for thee."

A man of sorrows was our Lord:

With grief acquainted says the Word.
Let His example to us shine:
"Thy will be done, O Lord, not mine!"

Take heart, for our dear Saviour knows
Our sins, our sorrows and our woes;
So be content in Him to rest,
Accepting that His will is best.

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