Friday, 15 January 2010

The Dark Side of Christian Counselling

This new book by Dr E S Williams looks at the increasingly popular Christian counselling movement which has spread throughout many churches in the UK. The book examines the ideas and assumptions behind the counselling movement, addressing two questions: Is counselling, as practised by the Christian counselling movement, a legitimate part of Christian ministry? Does the church benefit from integrating psychological truth and Scripture? I would recommend this book; it will certainly be an eye-opener for some. For further details see -


CATachresis said...

I'm glad there's a book at last about this subject written from the Christian perspective.

Years ago I read "Manufacturing Victims" by Tana Dineen, which is a radical critique of the the whole psychology industry written from the perspective of a non-christian.

Hazel said...

Many thanks for your comments. I have heard of Tana Dineen and "Manufacturing Victims", but haven't actually read it.