Monday, 25 July 2016


My brother and sister-in-law, Tim and Lois, have recently been to Switzerland.  I have inserted a small selection of their photos below (they took about 500!), with comments by Tim.

NB Clicking on the photos will enlarge them and bring up a slideshow.

Reformation Wall, Geneva
Statues of William Farel, John Calvin,
Theodore Beza, and John Knox

Calvin's Chair,St. Pierre Cathedral, Geneva

View from a skylight!

A little part of "Jardin Anglaise", the English
near the lake in Geneva

Taken from a boat on Lake Thun

Taken from a boat on Lake Thun

Parts of the Grindelwald valley

Parts of the Grindelwald valley

Edelweiss flowers, Switzerland's most famous flower (despite originally coming from the Himalayas!)
Paragliding - happens a lot in Switzerland, for those not content to see the mountains while standing on other mountains!

Lake Thun and part of Interlaken

The hundred year old railway on Schynige Platte that takes you up to the hotel/restaurant and alpine botanic garden. The little station at the end is 1970 metres up

Alphorn players in Zermatt,
a regular and frequent occurrence

The Matterhorn as seen from Zermatt

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